Sidney, BC – est. 2018 

Inside Moden - A discussion with Devon Bird

Photography: Rick Collins

Why "Moden"?

Moden translates to “mature” in Norwegian. My grandmother was Norwegian, and she embodies such a joyful and vibrant approach to self-expression through clothing. 

It also means “fashion” in Danish and German. Although that was entirely a happy accident, I believe that the clothing here and my approach to service does represent the concept of elevated and timeless fashion.

Who is Moden For?

The Moden customer is a West Coast woman who wants value and functionality out of her clothing but doesn’t want to compromise on fashion. 

AYRTIGHT represents much of the same philosophy I built Moden on – that clothing should be both functional and fashionable.

The clothing may change, but the aesthetic will always remain. It has an elevated boutique feeling with comfort, privacy, and accessibility as top priorities.

Your mom is here with you today, please tell us why?

The concept for Moden grew out of the many shopping trips we took together. Her feedback helped shape the way the shop came together, and she continues to be the greatest Moden Muse! 
My mom has always played a significant role in shaping the kind of woman (both personally and professionally) that I am today. She was an incredible role model growing up.

This is another key reason I am so enthusiastic about AYRTIGHT – my mother and I both can feel so good in the pieces! From age, to body type, to personal style, we do differ, yet we can find so much commonality in the collections.

Why Fashion?

Fashion is not a frivolous endeavor if it serves to build confidence, empower you, and bring you joy. I want to encourage women to take up space and honour themselves with how they dress. This personal expression is unique to every individual but when it is embraced and utilized it can be incredibly powerful.