MOM February 2024

Month Of Music: Inspired By The Teskey Brothers

MOM February 2024’ in Spotify

Each month we’re going to share a new AYRTIGHT playlist. We’re calling it M.O.M, short for Month of Music.

My collaborator is a musical genius and knows so much more than I do so I’m hoping I get to learn things and be encouraged to explore artists and genres I’ve not considered. I just know what I like and what helps me focus creatively. We’re alternating artist inspiration each month and building the playlist from the launch artist. It will undoubtedly prove to be an interesting wander.

I got to choose first so for February 2024 I picked @theteskeybrothers for our inaugural playlist. They. Are. Amazing.

We’ll see what next month brings. Stay tuned.

~ Ayr

MOM February 2024