Sustainability is complicated. It’s fun to say but hard to achieve.

As a boutique brand, realistic access to a legitimately traceable supply chain is virtually impossible. To get our happy little hands on viable eco fabric, we have limited options but to rely on the behemoths to move the needle and force change with their buying power. And they do, but it’s not a snap-of-the-fingers scenario. R&D takes time (and money), working through feed stock already procured takes time and when a new innovation proves worthy, the struggle to scale is real. Only after all of that do the new responsible options become available to most.

Adding to the complexity, what constitutes as sustainable is a moving target; best intentions with today’s information often result in regret under the cast of an enlightened tomorrow. The trade offs often equal or exceed previous iterations sometimes rendering the effort an unfortunate fools errand.

All that said, we don’t claim to be sustainable but we do authentically work to ‘do better’ through endeavoring to be informed, flexible and responsible in our decision making. We strive for managed scarcity, we aim to design and manufacture timeless garments that are built to last and where possible, we opt for natural fibers or premium TENCEL™ Lyocell & LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose fabrications whose fibers are derived from sustainably managed feed stock, produced with low environmental impact & high resource efficiency, contributing to a minimal environmental impact.

By prioritizing manufacturing in Canada, we are able support our local economy while also enjoying the flexibility of small batch production, in doing so, minimizing obsolescence and waste. Plus, we really like it here.

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