Fall/Winter 2022

For me, finding my own equilibrium in 2022 has become an exercise in adaptability. Our life landscapes keep shifting and it seems to me that the only sane thing to do is buckle up and
try to enjoy the ride.

I've found renewed joy in appreciating life's laugh out loud simplicities like my oldest friend messaging me the meme "everyone needs a friend that they probably shouldn't be
allowed to sit next to at a serious function'" (mic drop), or watching guilty pleasure marathons that, while they may be short on realism, make up for it in levity and nostalgia.

Laughter helps while shift happens.

Having accepted that this pandemic flux could persist indefinitely, I am now focused on designing a wardrobe that can go anywhere - or nowhere - at a moments notice. Home,
Office, Zoom, Office and stops in between, comfort is calling and I'm all in.