Why are there so many Sold Out styles?

We operate under a managed scarcity model, endeavoring to not over-produce and generate unnecessary waste.  Read more about our DO BETTER Ethos.

We show all styles on our website, even those that are sold out, so that our customers can see the entire collection.  This ensures that our customers can experience the breadth & intention of our collections while also providing the details of styles that can be found at our partner MERCHANTS.


If you're trying to Do Better, why is everything packed in Poly Bags?

We put a lot of effort into our products. Packaging them well to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition is very important to us. 

That said, we are continually looking for an alternative packaging option for our products.  Biodegradable options exist but our research has found that the microplastics generated from these bags is arguably as problematic as regular poly.  We have found some compostable options that we have endeavored to use, at 4x the cost, but the vendors are not in Canada and were unable to secure shipping options.  As soon as we are able to secure a viable compostable option at a volume we can manage, we will switch.


Where can I purchase AYRTIGHT?

We're a growing brand and would love to hear about merchants in your area that you think would be a great fit for AYRTIGHT.

The details of our partner merchants can be found HERE.  If you are looking for a specific item or can't find a merchant near you, please email questions@ayrtight.com and we'll try to help.


What's my Size?

Our fits are generally flexible and built for comfort.  CLICK HERE to read more about our Fit & Sizing.