Spring/Summer 2022

Growing up, my best friends' mom, yet another dynamic woman that has forever shaped my life, often reminded us that ‘your feet face forward for a reason’. 

I often marvel on how some largely innocuous sayings that I’ve been gifted have so strongly imprinted the way I understand my world.  This saying is one of them.  Simple in moral & easy to visualize, it reminds me that dwelling on a past that I can’t change serves no master.  Forward, I can try to navigate.

The pandemic storm has often been unkind, leaving many of us bruised, battered and unsteady, but here we stand – facing forward, inspired & eager to get on with it.  Our local communities rose to the occasion, reminding us that our contribution to their lives was incredibly valuable, offering levity and comfort when they desperately needed it.

As I embarked on Spring 2022, I found myself compelled to include colour.  Lots of it.  And novelty -  prints & patterns, quirk and sparkles of joy.  Always anchored with an army of wearable neutrals, our Spring 2022 collections reflect my forward-facing feet.  For a reason.  ROAR ON!